Minnesota Recount Update

In Issues and Debate on December 5, 2010 at 3:57 pm

The recount in the Minnesota Gubernatorial Election is now down to the last days, with Dec. 7th as the deadline for  Minnesota recount officials to submit results. While Mark Dayton is meeting with members of the Democratic Governor’s Association, supporters of Tom Emmer continue to challenge ballots at recount locations across Minnesota. The challenged ballots have been a source of tension between election officials and the Emmer camp since the recount began. With ballot challenging underway, Emmer supporters have continually challenged other aspects of the recount as well. This all comes amid rumors of a ballot challenge quota instituted internally among the state’s GOP recount staff.

Reports are continually arising concerning frivolous ballot challenges such as those ballots containing no vote for any candidate in the gubernatorial race. Such challenges seem superfluous, but may serve well as stalling tactic, as well as one more reason to pursue a court challenge once the Minnesota Canvassing Board reviews all challenged ballots and certifies the election come Dec. 14th. Among other tactics apparently being used include a challenge by Emmer supporters to the call for additional tables at the Hennepin County Government Center on Dec. 1st. According to Minnesota Public Radio, allegations of bias have been tossed around concerning Plymouth City Clerk Sandy Engdahl as well as Hennepin County Elections Manager Rachel Smith. These allegations only serve to stir the pot and delay the inevitable. The Emmer camp appears to be challenging ballots en masse with hopes of overcoming a nearly impossible deficit of nearly 8700 votes. Without question this strategy can only serve to provide evidence for potential legal action.


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