Radicals Everywhere

In Issues and Debate on March 10, 2011 at 2:35 pm

On Wednesday’s post here on this blog, much was made of radicalism in many aspects of American life and within many groups thoughout the United States. This couldn’t be more true as many public officials suffer from radical thinking themselves. Before I go on about that topic, I would like to post a video link of Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison testifying before Rep. Peter King’s hearings today on the Radicalization of American Muslims. This video is courtesy of Youtube and C-SPAN3.

The emotions shared by Congressman Ellison underscore the greater point. Radicals exist in every religion, culture, and ideology and should not be held as a standard for any of them. As Congressman Ellison tells the story of Mohammad Salman Hamdani his emotions spread across the room. Hamdani gave his life on 9/11 to save the lives of people of all races, religions, and cultures who worked in the World Trade Center. In fact dozens of American Muslims died in the 9/11 attacks. Many were of middle class means, showing up for work everyday to support their families and should be applauded for their efforts as we applaud the workers of America en masse for their work ethic. Just as Rep. King faught against the so-called Ground-Zero Mosque that was indeed two blocks from Ground-Zero, he has opened the door for greater hatred and villification towards innocent and hard-working Muslims across the United States.

Despite the perception that the radicalization of American Muslims falsely requires a public hearing, Rep. King has his own issues relaying to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Sinn Fein. Rep. King has done little to dispel  this reality as his support for the IRA  in the 1990’s and so on raises eyebrows concerning his own intolerance and radicalism. This brings back Rep. King’s issue with the Ground-Zero Mosque and mosques in general. Rep. King has been known for gaffes in relation to the number of mosques in America, inflating the number of which may be involved in Islamic extremism, and failing to decry the radical actions of Christian fundamentalists such as the Westboro Baptist Church.


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